Aleph's grid apps



@rick_monster ported these grid apps from the monome Aleph to pure data.

i’ve been exchanging messages with him to build these for os x and for the organelle. but had trouble building it for the organelle :confused: there are some problems, these objects cannot access organelle serialosc. also i have no knowledge about linux and @rick_monster does not have an organelle :frowning:

so, could someone gives a hand? i think it would be great to add these grid apps to the organelle family :slight_smile: thanks in advance!


I thought @quilime had resolved this issues on this thread?

and posted installations stuff on his GitHub here

sorry, don’t have a monome… and given the number of controllers i have cant justify one :wink:

good luck


Hey @sno ! Yeah, there are some weird issues getting this to work with SerialOSC on the Organelle because these programs have the port numbers hard coded, while SerialOSC picks a random port number every time (which is preferred). I’ll take another look at this again.


@quilime, the port-numbers-hard-coded thing should be fixed on boqs/master now.

Think it was just sitting there hidden away on the dev branch for a while, since I was the only known user!


Oh cool!! I’ll check out the new source. :+1:


thanks @quilime!