Aleph's grid apps


hey @quilime, i think you did it! :smiley:

i re-run the SerialOSC-Installer patch, restart the organelle and open a grid app. left it playing all night and itโ€™s still going :smiley: all old monome patches work and no more mysterious bug. all running smooth :v:

great work! :clap::raised_hands::pray:


Cool, itโ€™s been working for me too. Was working on some ideas with the [step] object into the night. Itโ€™s so nice not to have to program a sequencer again โ€“ and step gives you 2x tracks, too!

I may split out all the Grid apps into their own example patches to make it easy to create a new starting point, but for now theyโ€™re all lumped into that one example patch. Also need to integrate Ableton Link of course. :slight_smile:

Iโ€™ve added a new utility patch on patchstorage:


nice, those are some cool new futures. sadly i donโ€™t use ableton that much.
iโ€™m mostly using [kria] and [meadowphysics] so i can work on some exemples for the organelle. i have not yet tested [step] nor [whitewhale]

you and @rick_monster did a great job porting this apps to pd and the organelle. :pray::raised_hands::clap:
and thank you @quilime for a simple SerialOSC-Installer patch :smiley:


when loading patches onto the organelle, should i place the folder (exactly as downloaded) into the main root? or should i place the entire thing into the patches folder like i normally do? orrrrrrr do i take the folders inside and place them in the patches folder? thanks a lot!


hi @Velcro!

you should download folder from @quilime patchstorage and place into the patches folder like you normally do. if you have a recent organelle os, like 3.0 you can use patch sub folders.

Serialosc/monome with Organelle?

thanks! also, how do you sequence external gear when the monome utilizes a USB, and the flash drive utilizes the other???


USB hub! :smiley:


but of course!!! lol