Bastl 60knobs DIY MIDI Controller


yeah, Ive been looking at the enclosure and schematics…
I think height is ok, if you use the LXR enclosure.

the trick is where to put the axoloti board, so you can access the various ‘ports’…
at the front it would be trivial, but not ergonomic (as they you have cables trailing around the front… on the side, it appears to not quite be deep enough, unless you separate the axoloti board into the two parts… then its not too bad.

(I thought about this previously, its easy if I make my own case, but unfortunately Ive had bad experiences getting cases made, so discounted this for now_

yes, but put an Axoloti inside, and then its got usb midi both device and host, and also an addition set of midi din in/out.
this is where its makes even more sense for the Organelle…
you can connect the Organelle (via axo usb device port) to the 60knob/axo box, and not only gets 60 knobs…
but now the Axoloti can also allow you to connect another USB controller (via its host port), and/or also act a MIDI DIN router for Organelle :slight_smile:

(and all the normal axo fun, act as FX/Synth or just general midi swiss army knife e.g. master clock)

one thing, I dont understand… is why did Bastl add the male headers? what was their intended role?
(its a good thing they have added them, as they are useful… but I wonder what their thinking is/was)


Those are the FTDI pinouts for programming the Arduino.

I ended up re-uploading the code to mine, before realizing that all my issues were from the fact that I switched MIDI in and out on my custom enclosure…


Doesn’t come with a PSU but uses a fairly ubiquitous 9v center positive barrel (I’m using a Moogerfooger adapter that has way more than enough current). I’m guessing you have one that would work.

Its just the size as far as I can tell. My kit came with an extra set of longer standoffs that I assumed were for the deeper case (I have the shallow one).

I’m connecting to LXR through MIDI. The jumpers may be addressed in the schematic but I did not delve into them.