Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder


Hi, I’m trying to use Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder along with Blackmagic Media Express software to record from ETC to my computer, but although I adjusted to 720p60, it’s not working. Is there anyone using it? Thanks for any advice.



Were you able to get this working?

If not, I wonder if the order of power up matters. Can you try:

  1. Disconnect the ETC’s power supply.
  2. Get all cable connections set up: ETC —> Black Magic Mini Recorder —> Computer
  3. Power up the BMMR and make the necessary settings changes to the Blackmagic Media Express software so it is expecting the 720p60 signal from the ETC
  4. Power up the ETC


hi, i tried tit again as you said, but it doesn’t work either. i’ll returen
the BMMR, but i was wondering igf you know of any similar device that
really works effectively for capturing images from ETC. thanks!


We use the Elgato HD60 as does this user:


Hi. I just got the BM UltraStudio Mini Recorder as well and am discovering it does not work with the ETC. Wish I’d checked this thread first… I’m curious though, you say you adjusted the settings to expect 720p60, but I don’t see any way to do that in either the BM Desktop Video Setup utility or the Media Express software itself. I guess the point is moot if it just plain doesn’t “see” the ETC at all. This is very frustrating. I already bought and returned a Cloner Alliance box. Is the Elgato really the only thing that works to get video fro the ETC into a computer??


I can also chime in that my Organelle does not work with my Black Magic Mini Recorder, but my Raspberry Pi does.


I don’t know enough about the Raspberry Pi to understand why that would work with the BMMR but the ETC doesn’t. Isn’t the ETC built on a Raspberry Pi processor??


And if so, wouldn’t this be able to be addressed with a firmware update by the C&G folks?? Or is that just wishful thinking…


Have you reached out to Black Magic about this? The ETC works on every 720p capable device we have tried. Black Magic devices seem to be the exception. We don’t have any BM devices in house to test on so can’t really say what the issue is…


Hey. Thanks for the response. Yeah, I sent their support a similar email. I’ll let you know if/what I hear back.


Hi, I returned it becuse it didn’t work, but I got Elgato and it does work fine.


Looks like that’s the move.