Changing Amplitude Envelope on Additive Synth


My favourite synth patch!

Could I get some help in changing the amplitude envelope?

I see something called ‘pd adsr+global-amplitude’ within ‘AddSynth’ I’m presuming there’s something in there which will affect things?

I also looked at the c_adsr.pd file?

Any advice, much appreciated.

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Hi @rmro - which patch were you referring to?


:roll_eyes: Sorry, yes that would have helped. It’s the Additive Synth patch.

Also apologies if this is posted in the wrong thread.


What do you want to change with the envelope?


Attack and Release times of an Amplitude Envelope.


yeah - that stuff is pretty deep in there. If I have time I will check it out. You are right - I think most of that is set by c_adsr.pd and pd adsr+global-amplitude