Clocking to Moogs / No computer


Hey everyone! I just got my Organelle a few days ago. Super in love with it! Small back story: I am very new to synths and midi and I do not want to add a laptop to my set up. The goal is to perform live and the deal closer for me buying an Organelle was the related use of it being “essentially a computer” which to me means it should be able to do everything. Heres my current gear:

Moog Sub 37
Moog Mother 32
Korg Microkorg
Korg Volca FM
Korg Volca Beats

I did buy an iConnexticity Mio 1x1 but am not sure how to use it.

I want to be able to use one instrument as a master clock for everything. I’m currently trying to clock an Organelle arpeggio to what my DFAM or M32 is doing.

How ON EARTH do I do this?! To be honest… I have 0 idea how to clock ANY of my gear besides my volcas, m32, and dfam. But my sub 37, Microkorg, and Organelle are entirely out of sync. How am I suppose to make music this way!!!

I would like my chain to be this way

Organelle clocks Sub 37
Sub 37 clocks Microkorg
Microkorg clocks Volca Beats
Volca FM clocks Volca Beats
Volca Beats clocks DFAM
DFAM clocks Mother 32

Or any variation, as long as all the clocks sync together. Long story short; HOW DO I SYNC EVERYTHING WITH MY ORGANELLE AS A MASTER CLOCK?

Please please help I am SO LOST AND FRUSTRATED!


Sounds like you have it sorted already. Just buy a reliable midi usb interface like the Roland Um-One mk2 to connect the organelle to the sub 37 then some regular midi cables for midi devices/ clock sync cables for volcas and dfam/mother 32. Next thing after this is ensuring midi note/control change information isn’t sent from one device to another if you want sync only.


Thanks! So what I have going now is…

Sub 37 midi’d to Volca Beats (because it can’t receive notes only clock. I tried turning off notes and only have clock sent in the midi settings of the Sub 37 and it got all messed up)
Volca Beats sync’d to Volca FM
Volca FM sync out to M32 tempo in
M32 assign out to DFAM adv/clock in

The Microkorg and Organelle still aren’t in sync. Is the Roland piece you mentioned anything like the iConnextivity Mio 1x1? Because I have that.

Still don’t know where the Microkorg fits into all of this.

I USB’d the Organelle to the USB in of the Sub 37 but it’s recieving AND sending notes from both devices unfortunately


Check the manual for your sub 37’s midi settings.
Yeah the i connectivity thing is just about the same as the Roland um-one so stick with that.…371.5704.2-10j9…1…mobile-gws-wiz-img…3…0j35i39j0i67j0i30j0i5i30j0i8i30.S9TzzuZR2HQ%3D#imgrc=mD5ZGDPReNKLJM:

I thought the Microkorg would have midi thru for some reason but it doesn’t clearly, you can use this box to take clock/midi data from the organelle and clone it to two outputs ie: sub 37 + microkorg


Before purchasing anything though, you really need to read up on the capability of each of your instruments in terms of midi data settings etc. It might be that on some of the devices midi notes can’t be filtered out. I don’t know. A way to get around this might be to set each instrument it’s own midi channel so they’re no conflict, or you could try ‘manual sync’ as a last ditch - just setting the BPM of the microkorg to match the organelle’s.


My set up is Roland Tr626, organelle, Sh101, Beatstep, Mother 32, Akai S20 , iPhone, Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators x 4.

Since my kit is old and new getting it all synced is a challenge. I use a mixture of MIDI, rim shot trigger pulse, MIDI note to trigger pulse via circuitbenders Trigger24 DIY PCB, but by the greatest leap forward was getting an old MOTU MIDI Express XT for £30 on eBay. I can’t change any of the parameters as it’s too old to work with my current computer but it is essentially a 8x8 MIDI patchbay which can run as a standalone unit - I run my master MIDI in and it sends out up to 8 MIDI Clock outs simultaneously. It has rock solid timing and loads of LEDs so you know whats going in/out at a glance.

I don’t use a computer live either!