Editing "basic sampler" to be more than 2 seconds


That’s brilliant, Owen! I got the impression that you guys viewed the Organelle as more of an insteument. That’s certainly reflected in the patches. :slight_smile:

However, even though you may not have considered it as a more comprehensive music production device, it’s already achieved that potential through patches like those you’ve just mentioned.

There are certainly some limitations but there is still much power to be had! :-0


I’ve gotta bump this thread because I don’t want to make a new topic for this question:

Where exactly in basic sampler is all of this stuff happening? I have been cramming this pd stuff for a few days but let’s just say I smoke weed all day and am busy as a line cook… I’m not exactly a student and like, I haven’t had a good method of trying to learn this.

Pd tutorials aren’t seeming to help me because I would like a concept of what is happening on the organelle’s patches and pd seems to go in a lot of other directions I don’t want to fill up my aspergers with

So, like, where within basic sampler is the time getting limited?
And additionally how do I like, read these patches, on that patch storage site? I’m at prob a 8% understanding and I kind of know how to think of it like modular but I come from hardware and not computer biz… So when I look at that picture of Analog Style, where is the command to the aux? Why are some things not represented is what is throwing me off

i wish someone here was into making viddies lol I’m kinda stumped and learning a lot of new words

implying I’m learning at all


Yes! It would be great if we could learn Pd together on this forum. Explain the screen caps of patches and walk through all the “left out” info…


Thought It might be better to re-live this thread than to create a new one. I saw a new patch today Loop Jam Rec but there is a 2 second limitation recording time. I’d love to have a slightly larger buffer. I’ve been trying all morning to fiddle with arguments and values trying to edit the patch in PD with no result. Any point in the right direction would be awesome. Thank you :slight_smile:


I think someone should assemble what @josephbranciforte has already developed, which is a functional asynchronous multitrack looper. I guess it should be a trivial task for someone with some knowledge of pd.

*Pardon my English-


Sounds cool! You could achieve some asynchronous looping of samples in ‘samplenest’. Not sure what the sample recording time limit is in that patch but it well exceeds 2 seconds. It is not quiteloop pedal-like though, if that is what you need. Could be worth checking that out though.
Btw your written English seems advanced and can’t notice a single mistake.


@Jacobino - we haven’t tried any other lengths in Loop Jam Rec so there’s no guarantees longer recordings will work. You have to change two parameters.

The first is in the jam-loop-voice.pd file. The ‘2000’ in the circled object sets the length at 2000 milliseconds:

Change it to your desired length (ex: ‘5000’, for 5 seconds)
Then in the cg-rec-array subpatch (just click into that object above), you need to change the properties (right click) of the circled array:

The ‘88200’ size is the length of your recording in samples (44100 samples/sec for 2 seconds). So if you wanted 5 seconds, you would change this number to ‘220500’ (44100 samples/sec * 5 seconds).


Thank you so much for such a detailed and easy-to-follow explanation! Will give it a try once i get home :slight_smile:

Edit: I just tried it, had to also change the samplerate on the cg-load-array for it to work. Thank you so much, this thing is insane :blue_heart::musical_note::musical_note::musical_note


i woudl try with 5 seconds first that seems do-able!


Can you please share you edited version of the patch? I would also love to use it :smiley: