Extended mother patch and two synth patches (wavefolding, wavetable)


Hi all,
I’ve been playing around with organelle patches and I thought I’d share some stuff I’ve made.
StepMother is based on the desktop mother patch but adds some extra features (everything can be controlled via keyboard, filtered the keyboard keys, integrated sequencer and some other stuff). I made it to run Organelle patches on a raspberry pi, it makes it much easier to use without relying on a mouse.

I’ve also made 2 synth patches:
PolyFolder is a waveshaping/folding synth with four modes:
ApolloTone is a polyphonic synth that loads single cycle waveforms (users can add their own) and processes them through an envelope/filter, modulation and reverb/delay sections:

I’ve only tested the two synth patches on desktop/raspberry pi so let me know if there are any issues on the real hardware!