Fluidsynth~ Vintage Synth Series: JUPITER 2.2 update


they need to go in /usr/lib por favor


Just tried this out, sounds really great, can’t wait to try the update.

I’m curious cause I am new to all of this, but this seems to be the only patch I’ve seen that has come from using the fluidsynth, are there any others out there of any kind?


Is the Vintage Emulation Set created exclusively for Critter & Guitari. You wont find these on patchstorage because the Soundfonts are too big there are

PM me regarding the Organalogue, Metamorph & World Music Versions


I can’t get working the sequencer & reverb in the vintage synths patches :pensive:. Is it something about installing anyrhing else besides LADSPA or Fluidsynth??


make sure you have pd-extended libraries i am assuming new o/s stuff will require updates such is the nature of the beast

i will be back to CT soon and i’ll look at the problem

kind regards

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