Glitch/Stutter patch?


Hi everyone!

I just got my Organelle in the mail today, so excited to enter this amazing new world of sound possibilities!

Question: is there any patch that does glitch/stutter effects, something similar to the Catalinbread CSIDMAN (


I second this motion I would absolutely LOVE a glitch/stutter patch. BUMP


yes i made several on the patch storage


shree not to sound dumb, but which ones? The Count To Five clone is one I think (I need to go re-read how to use, I tried it but I was making chaos)


On that same note, I wonder how hard it would be to make a stutter work the way the GrainFX work on the Korg Kaoss pads (not sure if you’ve used). The idea being using an X and Y axis, you change the grain time as well as another elements (say, a high pass filter or a modulated delay). But you could map the X and Y to a couple knobs.


secondwoman is glitch sampler thing, brokenbeats does X/Y beat stuff and a few others. I think also a proper definition of glitch that we all agree on might help. Glitch usually mean error to alot of folks
that is usually arrived at by mistake but the chaos & fractal based patches are a place to start if you want to glitch out certain operation because they are unexpected value sources. i will be working on an IKEDA based patch very soon


The man himself! Thanks shree, 2nd woman I don’t think i’ve tried. I agree defining glitch is important…I think the CSID pedal mentioned is as said a stutter/grain (when it reaches tiny samples guess) type. GrainFX on the korg is the same, they call it grain but its really similar to stutter with tiny samples being looped (and a Wet/Dry mix which is nice). As you note glitch in effect/VST world sometimes involved a more random pattern or possibly even random effects being applied (like the old VST dBlue glitch, with step sequenced variants of delay/stutter/pitch shift etc). Looking forward to looking at your patch and i’ll check chaos/fractal as well.

#8 (1.5 KB)

see if this works
it’s a really quick buffer shuffler :curly_loop:


fastest patch ever hahaa


secondwoman is great, love the new Random grain it is epic!!!


Buffershufflr rules! You’ve done it again man!


I’ll post it to patch storage in a few. been fighting a headcold, At least i wasnt sick on vacation!


Awesome! Can’t wait to try i out. Thank you again.