How to add new patches


I’m sort of new here, is there something I’m supposed to be doing besides unzipping the folders and copying them into the patches folder? None of the patches I add ever open


Do the patches not open when you select them? or not show up at all in the Organelle menu? The main patches folder must be name ‘Patches’ (capital P)


yes they show up but don’t open when I select them


That is strange. So nothing happens when you select? screen goes blank and nothing shows up? This could be an issue with the USB drive itself. You can reformat the drive and start fresh, or try a different USB drive… If reformatting the drive make sure it is a FAT file format.

Patch Problem on Organelle?

I’m a french newcomer organelle user and I have the same problem

dl newpatches, unzip with 7ZIP, copy/paste on the usb drive, in the Patches folder…

I can select the “old patches”, the factory patches in the usb usb drive when i buy it, but i can’t select the new ones that I dl on patchstorage…
few seconds after I select it, the screen goes back on the active patch page…

I udpate my organelle wth the 2.0 os, it seems to work, but i still don’t open the new patches


File path for patches on this OS should go like this:
Patch Name//
Patch contents, including a main.pd file

Double check that the ZIP program hasn’t created a folder Patch Name within another Patch Name folder, i’ve had this issue before i think.


SOLVED, thank you Wannop!

this is it, my zip program created new folder inside the root’s one