Key not working :-(


I have owned the organelle for about 7 months as of a few days ago, and this past week I realized something terrible. One of the keyboard keys stopped working.

Anyone else had similar issues?

Defective key

yes. you can carefully take it apart and swab the contacts. I had to do it. with 80% success rate.


That’s cool to know, I thought I read, that C&G used a special jig to assemble, due to springs on keys. But sounds like your saying if your careful/patient it’s possible to do it yourself.


Yeah there is no springs, it’s not too bad


I also have a button acting up but I’m worried about monkeying around. Will this void warranty?


I had a stuck (too girthy) key at one point and contacted c&g for advice. They sent me a set of new keys and made a guide to replacing it. It was easy. Some of the info they gave me might be of use to you, but make c&g your point of contact for this and they should sort this for you :slight_smile: Give em an email.


Hi, yeah, I got one of the keys and I had to disassemble it, sand the key and put it back together, the wooden keys expand with heat or humidity.