Lets reward this man!


Hi Folks
I want to thank thank the people who joined so far to support my goal of a Korg Monologue for a fun summertime goal. I arrived at the goal on Friday morning. I am thankful and grateful for the support. Instead of closing the groups to new members though i have decided to continue to let folks join and donate the next 300$ to either the local food bank or a local Unity Church, something nice that others will benefit from. I have been given so many things throughout my life and though it’s not huge i would like to begin to offer something back to my new community locally as well as sharing electronically with you all. I will post a pic of the Synth and the Food Bank eventually IF i make the next goal.

Thank you for your support, you all Rock and are kind hearts


any of the Polybeats ones i would think


Just a note for those considering the patreon thing. You pay a one time fee if you want a customized patch. I am not expecting people to pay some outrageous fee every month for patches, that’s ridiculous. It’s just a limitation of the patreon thing right now. Anyway
if you wanted to co design or create something you would pay 25$ ONCE enjoy the club whatever for a year. Other stuff like Tutorials may be like a fee to attend, like a drop in @ Yoga or something.
I just wanted to be clear because two people now have said they would but they can’t flow 25$ a MONTH. I wouldn’t either. But once i could do for sure. Twice maybe but I’m a nerd. :slight_smile:


Hey I was looking for a place to drop this link without starting a new thread :slight_smile:

This is the updated BASHFEST_BASTARD for anyone interested with 2 updates:

  1. MIDI Clock IN sync

  2. the highest F, F#, G keys on the Organelle manually cycle through the16 bass/snare/hihat variations, respectively.
    *Before the patterns could only be chosen at random with AUX

(its easy to edit the 16 step patterns in the mask~ objects in the project too, to get a little crazier…)



Woah. Really appreciate this. Useability and intuitive action is my shit when it comes to my ritual freeloading off these wonderful patches. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this rather than keep it close. Cheers man. Big love xxx


Hey folks if you ever thought about helping me out-- this month would be the best and i would be most grateful. I just spent about 1200$ to keep this little guy alive. He was vomiting and and could not go poo and because of his age he was severely impacted. So on Sunday i rushed him to the hospital and it slowly went from 300$ for the emergency visit, then 500 with X-rays & Blood work 700 because they had to sedate and manually remove the hard stone like fecal matter and then finally to read the X-rays, 900 the blood work and the Subcutaneous fluids so he did not die our final bill was 1134$ I have had him since he was 6 weeks old and fed him with a dropper for a month and he’s been my constant companion for the past 14 years. I’m not good at this stuff but anything extra anyone can offer will help this month. if you make a one time to the patreon or to my PayPal "shreeswifty@gmail.com" . I’ll give you a bonus patch pack with a preview some of next months features . I have insurance but Vet bills are just astronomical these days.

many thanks