Long Press with Organelle


i was wondering if those of you who make patches, have you used a “long-press”?
How did you incorporate this? I have one patch i would like to try it with but if someone has already made a long press [i want it for a Full Patch reset function, please share or PM me




It is on the to do list. Have been making all the keys into toggle buttons for turning stuff on/off. Long press is one of the next things I am going to try to make.


I believe a long press function is used in the sequencer for ‘analog style’, the c&g patch. It readies the sequencer for recording.


I knew I saw it somewhere thank you I’ll check that


Next Week i will make new ones but the soundhack externals are effects they are really hungry processor wise [Spectral]. I don;t know what happened with that one maybe it got corrupted in upload? no clue


No worries. Sorry, I didnt mean to push it :wink:

Take your time and if you want to share that is cool, if not that is also cool :=)