Mec Kontrol with Brds and eBrds


yeah, you will need to match voice count and linnstrument channels… this could be ‘worked’ around in eBrds.
(I might look at this later, when I start creating more expressive patches, so need the basics more ‘solid’)

the 4th note being different, trying changing all the parameters on the patch.
I remember seeing an issue where it seemed like some voices weren’t initialised correctly on startup, this meant that one of the voices had a different value to the others (e.g. cutoff was higher/lower)

I thought id fixed it… but perhaps its still happening in some cases?!
(I think its down to the timing of events between parts of the patch when its started… im going to probably change this a bit)
another useful test for me/you… is does loading a preset clear the problem?

whats suppose to happen is the default preset is loaded, by default :slight_smile: , at startup … so you can save this preset if you want to change the default patch, or of course save new presets… which btw, you can rename by editing the ‘local rack json’ file.