Modules for the Orac


I think the envelope knob should actually allow finer adjustments, but the display truncates the number to one decimal place.
Its a bit confusing, I should probably make the range 0-100 instead.

Wannop: Most of the other modules in the repository are unfinished, some are just placeholders for ideas :slight_smile:
I have one or two more that are pretty close so hopefully I’ll post them this weekend.
I also posted a MuChord module in the module development thread a while back.

edit: Also to explain mode 4 a bit, its is ‘random ping pong’ mode. Its like the normal ping pong loop mode (the sample plays forward then in reverse) but instead of always changing directions at the end of the sample, the direction reverses at a different random point in the sample each time.
edit 2: Just realized random ping pong is actually mode 5. Mode 4 is ‘random cut’, basically this just choose a random section of buffer to play each time, kinda like granular playback. Next release I want to add more control so you can control the size of each section more.


Figured I’d get some versions out now so I can fix any issues before I update for 1.1.
All packages are available here:

The new modules are:
monophonic audio to note converter. Fairly glitchy but can have interesting results!

polyphonic synth based on polyfolder, now also has LFOs for pitch and folding depth.

An attempt at the Eno/Lanois pitch shift + reverb feedback loop effect.
Parameters are explained here:

Drum machine and bass/chord generator based on Ottorhythmichord and apollostation
Parameters are explained here:


Just put up a couple modules people can try out here:

Warpdelay is a pitch/direction shifting delay, Notegen is a probabilistic midi note generator, and Clockswing is a version of U-clock with swing and humanization controls.


These are all fantastic @WyrdAl, thanks so much for sharing man.


The humanized ‘clockswing’ module is fantastic. Can I feature request? :slight_smile: Aux button for global clock start/stop?

Going to work on another conversion of my own this week, we’ll see if it works. Sampler Style REC. :crossed_fingers:


amazing stuff! these are fantastic!


Yep suggestions are welcome! I can give that a try next update.