New C&G Organelle Patches


Ahh thank you. I just expected the laptop to acknowledge a new device being connected.
How do I then bring up the display on which I can then edit the patch? Should it appear automatically ?


Sorry to be so basic, I did do a search online but most tuts start after this step.


Organelle is a computer by itself. It needs a display.

To route your Organelle display to your laptop you would need an HDMI Capture device.
It’s way cheaper and easier to just buy a cheap display at that point.


Did I mention basic? :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you everyone for your patience. I should be fine now.


Ok just one more hehe… where can I get an empty patch to start building with (as recommended in the tutorial).


Open another patch, then go to file -> new or similar? Not got a display handy at the mo, in the airport. (Not stopping me using my organelle though)


Thank you very much.


Also in order to run from the organelle all patches must be in a separately named folder per patch, with the PD file you intend to be launched when you select it on your organelle called main.PD
E.g. Patches/Basic Poly/main.pd


@wo3 great advice.
I removed the int and now the decimals go one by one. Smooth!


Finally dipped a toenail into pd waters, thanks again for all the help above.
Is it just me or has the restart option disappeared from the organelle menu after the last update?


The Reload option is still there, just in the ‘storage’ menu.


Thank you.