Orac : release 1.0


If I try uploading “brds_mpe.zop” it’s 630KB on the desktop but 32KB when it gets to the SD. Downloading this file off the SD results in a file on the desktop that is now 33KB.

Is my SD card useless?

Also I guess this is now “off topic” as it’s no longer about Orac. I should move my questions to the SD image thread.


yeah, lets move this to the SDCard thread, as I think discussions about copy files, and the C&G file manager are more appropriate there.


sorry, not had much time on Orac (nor Organelle) for last few weeks, as been working on a different ‘project’, that kind of 'jumped the queue ’ :slight_smile:

heres a video about that, and at the end some details about Orac 1.1, which hope to get some time to work on soon… (I had done some on it before , I skipped over to this)


Is there a way to select what Orac rack you want to be loaded first?
Currently it loads ‘default’ but I can’t find a way of getting it to load another rack I’ve created, would be quite useful for live use.

Btw, will Orac 1.1 include panning per chain?
Looking forward regardless.


you can save the default rack to be whatever you want, it doesnt really have any special meaning other than, what to load on startup.

im thinking of save, saving the current preset, and then using that, this would then ‘free up’ default, to mean something else e.g. ‘default template’

panning, im going to take a look for 1.1, assuming no obvious issue then probably …