Organelle HDMI resolution


hey folks
i am sepnding way too much time moving patches around for some of these upcoming bigger ones i was wonderfing if you have your organelle display @ 1920x1080?

mine will do 1920/ but it’s defaulting to 1280/720 is there a way to increase the resolution?

I know it’s weird but i just recently got totally annoyed with ones where i need to be on the organelle testing overhead


Pretty sure mine is 1280/720


you should check settings on monitor. Organelle can do both 720 and 1080, depending on what monitor you connect it to.


i did that and the monitor says it can do 1080 but it keeps sticking on 1280
could defintely be the monitor it’s a DELL touch


Just checked mine, it is 1920x1080.

Sorry for the misinformation!


the monitor should be ok but it’s a schmancy dell touch which i do not even use for touch
does arch have a way to try to config it?
xrandr is not installed :frowning:


i do not want to render her blind though