Organelle Midi File Sampler/Synth: CC/Patch Change/Metronome?


Hey all

First time poster here.

I’m considering buying an Organelle to serve as a backing track machine. Have been looking at the Midi File Sampler/Synth patches - I think they’ll do close to what I need.

I want to load in a number of MIDI files (one for each song - each contains Note Data, CC commands, NRPNs & patch changes across many MIDI channels) and play it back, with a metronome in my ears. The songs feature time signature changes so the click would need to keep up with that.

For some context: we’re a two-piece band. Lots of looping, firing samples, whilst paying guitar and singing. I have a drummer but he just drums. The laptop presses loop pedals when I don’t have any hands free, controls the lights over DMX via MIDI, fires off the odd sample, and changes patches for me. All to a click so we stay in time.

Do you guys who know that patch well think that it’ll do what I need, or with some modification in Pd, could it suffice?

Really what’s important is that the MIDI capability is already there - I don’t want to by digging into the MIDI spec and programming stuff like NRPNs from scratch.

Thanks all



Hey again all. I’ve just ordered an Organelle. Deconstructed the patch a little and whilst I realise it ordinarily controls an 8-voice on board synth, I’m banking on the fact that I can route that note information out the MIDI out on multiple MIDI channels, and do CC and patch changes too (NRPNs no longer required).

Any further thoughts on MIDI file playback on Organelle anybody? Thanks

Will report back once I have the unit and have started work on this.