Organelle music



Just the organelle and the superb orac patch. I’ll be posting a making of video in the next few days going into the details

Thank you for the tips on the forum for the 5v - 9v convertor - it has set me free from my desk!


Saturday morning organelle sessions… both are multitracked into ableton with some FX added


Hey, did this song using Basic Poly, Poly Parrot, Office Space, Rhodes48, and my clarinet. :musical_note:

The tracks were EQed in Ableton.

Any inputs accepted. :slight_smile:


I’ve listened to this like 10 times, sound beautiful. :om:


Loads of fun tonight with the recent Lo Fi Poly Piano patch over on Patchstorage. Here’s a quick assembly based on a recording of a long take with the patch, with a few rhythmic elements resampled from that take as backing layers, and some melodic brass swells toward the end, cuz why not.

Polyrhythmic piano loops!


I’ve made this this morning with Orac ( @thetechnobear it’s really AWESOME, thank you!)


Just recorded this one: