Organelle OS 3.1 TB Beta


That did the trick. Now to make a patch that sends start/stop messages! Thank you so much! Time to learn more pd. Thank you thank you!


ok, b2 released… two small bug fixes

  • midi in channel OMNI, now works for pgm change and knobs (midi cc)
  •, now is picked up correctly when present in a patch directory


YEP! all seems great! even more added flexibility!!


@thetechnobear do you think you can include Ladspa into the update i have reports it’s having issues [that i anticipated] but i would be grateful if you could include it



@oweno / CG are the ones to decide what should be installed by default on an Organelle.
(idea being its kept slim, and users add what they want, thats why SC is still a separate install)

my personal view, looking at the LADSPA install… (and its only that)

  • we should not be installing ‘plugins’ , onto the OS partition (/usr/lib)
    and for LADSPA this is not needed anyway, as it supports the concept of a path , so like PD externals could be located on the usbdrive/sdcard.
  • anything distributed like this, should be buildable - i.e. a reference to a repo thats compilable…
    (LADSPA is LGPL, so we must respect its license terms, one of which is ensuring access to source, and also license file)
  • ladspa.h is not needed to use a plugin, only to compile.

having said that , I think it would be a good idea (like pd externals) to have a common set of LADSPA available, seems a waste to supply with every patch that needs them.


Just a small request, the desktop on the GUI only has the USB device on it, can a shortcut be created for /sdcard too for future releases?


That is a good idea, added to list!


Since putting the new os3.1 i’ve been having trouble syncing my arpeggio synth to midi. the lock button doesn’t work consistently. also sometimes the arpeggio synth doesn’t work unless i toggle the select pattern. also the organelle will freeze momentarily sometimes for as long as 10 seconds.


this would be excellent!