ORGANISM; Artificially Intelligent Drum Synth


Release of my artificially intelligent drum synth!


unfolding existence.
pulsing circadian nectar.
randomly designated persistent control schemes for every install.
persistent neural core system.
persistent variations in all controls.
a drum machine with all elements connected and tangled.
that evolves differently for every user.
limbs reach and sway.

-first run boot sequence
:follow guide + questions and press AUX to continue
:setup values stored in a [text]
-standard boot
:init all settings
:flash colors randomly to check chaos integrity
:first aux will integrate chaos

-master controller
-main mix control

-bass drum
-[sqrt~] for exponential decay
-OSC drift system
-melodic sequence system
-persistent control
:control 1
::eg amount
::eg decay
:control 2

-snare noise percussion
-pitch tracks HEART
-persistent control
:control 1
::noise high pass
::harmonic decay
:control 2
::reverb feedback
::lowpass filter

-sample based player
-auto select sample from bank each trigger
-persistent control
:control 1
:control 2
::delay time
:control 3


sounds awesome can’t wait to try it out


I love those patches that seem to make stuff happen by themselves! Looking forward to trying it as well!


it is truly brilliant.