OS 3.1 on faster microSD


hello everyone

i´m trying ot swap the 4GB (slow) microSD to a faster one

already tried putting the image
20160113-v1.0.img with etcher

but its still not working…

am i missing smth here?
is there a method for running it with terminal?

( please be kind - i have seriously no clue on hacking, ldsap, got no linux,
or super collider ( which only reminded me a nice project by cristian vogel and jamie lidell )


not working how? does etcher complete and verify successfully? does it not boot up? (do you have a monitor connected to Organelle to see any messages that might appear?)

also, that is the v1.0 system, so you probably want to use this one and then upgrade to 3.1


but a faster SD card won’t do much for performance anyway, there is little disk I/O to the SD card once the thing boots up… (unless you made a custom patch that was writing lots of sound files to the SD card or something)


i can connect a monitor and only watch the startup process flybythrough…
the organelle does not recognize my keyboard
which is a usb mac keyboard from 2007

not working means : i can see some patches i can go up / down, menu all is there but its not going beyon this point


unfortunately the download stopped at 1,67GB


stucked at 2,28GB :