OX-7 DX-7 for Organelle


i am working on the 2600 presently, mapping the 60 generators is time consuming but it sounds pretty good
there is not any documentation on individual generator parameters so i am slowly testing each one. i should have an Alpha tomorrow or certainly by friday


really looking forward to trying this out later on today - i’m a big FS1R fan.


Definitely a big + 1 for this.

Perhaps similar to what oweno suggested about breaking the algorithms (or some other constraint) out into separate patches (OX-7_algo1, OX-7_algo2, etc) gives you a little more wiggle room on UI and knob limitations, lest the menu become an exercise in programming every time you wants to get to their favorite sound.

Just a thought, but so excited!

Seems like a good time to mention your Patreon maybe?

Thanks for all the great work all!


Thank you and I will be connecting Owen soon regarding this and the Roland Sound canvas synth that’s slated next. The Patreon is now for people who interested in edge development (FFT/Spectral) and custom patches. The patches for C&g are released there after they are released here. This is all new to me but the C&G stuff is frankly much more work and the Csound/Cmix stuff is going to freak people out :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


would LOVE a DX7 for organelle!


There is a version on patch storage


I would love for the DX7 patches to be made! Any possibility of the Juno patches??




the OX-7 has all the DX-7 patches included converted to pd data as well