Pd Extended Objects for Organelle


Alex, most of the extended libraries were used to run the rungler, i redid the rungler so it it self contained and does not need my special set of libraries for the time being



So I won’t need your pd-extended plus to run the hammond???
I’m very green to the Organelle, and have been working all morning trying to get mine set up to play it. lol


generally, pd-extended objects are not needed for patches, and patches include everything they need within the patch. (things like ladspa are the exception, rather than the rule)

Hammond, probably does not need it (though not checked) , try it first without


hammond needs LADSPA i think that was included in a last o/s update but i am not sure

the main one that needed all those original extended libraries was the “Rungler/Benjolin” that was done like the first week i had an organelle. I updated it so that those libraries were not needed to run it. All the rest have the externals in the patches.