Portable Power Supply


This looks ideal, but don’t want to damage my Organelle (noting the warnings about risk if powers off before saving). Is there any risk with a coverter cable like this with respect to current draw? I was looking at (in UK):


The above USB power supply didn’t work. Am now happily using this:


£1!! :slight_smile:


Or maybe not… worked fine for about 5 mins and then started giving off electrical static / glitches through the headphones even though the volume was turned right down. Have decided to stick to the power supply for now! :roll_eyes:


That makes sense. One 9V battery does not have adequate amperage for the Organelle.


I am clueless around power supply… would 6 AAs be a better solution?


Topping this.

I’m currently using the 6 AA pack method, but would like to switch to something that would indicate when the battery is getting low.

Can I simply use this step transformer USB > 2.1mm cable with any battery pack that supplies 1000mA or more (would likely be way more)?


I have this solar powered one, with that 9v converter https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B076Y7VT1N/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


Many thanks! I found a similar one (looks like those are out of stock). Will report back.


Solar Powered Organelle damn that’s awesome!


Mine are 99% sun powered :slight_smile:


Solar-powered battery pack arrived earlier today! Charged it up n used the 5-9v USB/2.1mm converter cord to boot up the Organelle a few minutes ago. It’s been working like a charm :+1:t2: thanks everyone!


Looks awesome! Are those 4 leds for showing the battery time?


They are! That was a big draw for me. This power pack can be used as a flashlight/emergency light, too, so when I get too involved playing music in the woods to notice the sun has gone down I won’t end up lost forever, wandering the forest to creepy synth arpeggios.


I bought that solar power supply + 5vdc to 9vdc regulator. It is currently running both my Organelle + NSynth Super!

Portable linux music boxes! So excited to take this setup and my portable speaker to the beach :slight_smile:


I have the XT Power linked below. It outputs 12v dc and Organelle takes 9v. Will it work anyway or what will happend?


@Melayan Please only use 9VDC with the Organelle. Voltages above or below 9VDC may cause damage. Be sure that you are providing a minimum of 1000mA as well.


Just wanted to jump in and vouch for this:

This has the 12v step up, but bought to try with other units, please make sure to keep it at 9v for your organelle as @chrisk suggests.

Great thread ya’ll, thanks as usual.