Release: Gendy~ 2018


14 years later the first gendy~ patch for organelle~
the playing buttons do the most on this patch
60 starts the timeline and the sampler
[you can run the sampler individually with footswitch]
Aux samples a new sample
Yellow LEDs mean quantization
White Means Harmonizer
Purple means Random
Green means on for things
Blue is glissandos
There is a flanger~ that is the main effect, play with it
Tempo is reversed from 30 to 600 [600 being the slowest]


it should be noted that the “sampler” only samples the internal gendy~ into the partition sampler which can then be cutup autechre style in realtime by pressing the aux button repeatedly and randomizing the functions by pressing 83 [last button]


Thanks for this - struggled initially to get it do much more than just squeak at me, before experimentation around sequences of buttons seemed alight on ways to make it interesting/pleasurable.

The Organelle is becoming a proper education to me - whilst I’m still struggling to make any real progress with Pure Data (eventually it will come…), I’ve enjoyed being forced to read around Xenakis and stochastic synthesis. Something my OP-1 has never demanded of me :slight_smile:


wonderfully mind-blowing stuff!



i was listening to alot of Prurient and Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement [Dominick Fernow] & Russel Haswel and this one was a labor of love, glad someone checked it out :slight_smile:


this is completely left field, far out weirdness. love it shree!


i am making a template for the controls for this and Nyphonic. before i release fluidflow~ and munger~ and PLunk~

working on these today