Sample Slicer--What Patches Would You Recommend?


Hello, all–

Can anyone recommend a patch that would allow me to record/sample an incoming audio signal and slice it up such that each button would play back (and repeat?) a slice of the sample?

Many thanks!


Try I Take Up, or Children of Sample…

I Take Up let’s you sample loops that store to each key

Children Of Sample let’s you chop up a 10 second sample across the keys

There’s also DJ Patch Record which is almost a blend of the two with its own features.

All three are stock C&G patches.
Happy looping.


@pfhargon & @Lazaruz4 - don’t forget about the Distributor patch!


Haha months later and this is one I’m barely getting around to knowing, thanks Chris!!


@pfhargon just directed me to this thread via my instagram page. i just started cooking something up that might fit this description, sort of a cross between a morphagene and monome’s mlr functionality.


Beautiful sounds! Hope you’ll share the patch when ready :pray:


+1 :smiley: Love the colour filtering on the video too.


thanks @healthylives and @ghostly606! will definitely share the patch when it’s a bit more fleshed out.