I just posted samplenest, a sampler/sequencer that lets you load up to 12 samples and modify them in various ways (looping, pingponging, filtering etc):
You can record samples from the organelle input, as well as resample the output, or both, so you can save your loops/sequences to reuse within the patch, or use elsewhere.
You need to create a the folder /Media/samples in your USB drive before using the patch.
I’ve been tweaking it off and on for a while now but I think its in a fairly good state right now.
It’s a bit more complicated to use than other patches I’ve made so let me know if you have any questions, or suggestions to make it more usable.


This sounds great, can’t wait to check it out. :sunglasses:


tremendous stuff! thank you!

it doesn’t record the delay, right? which probably makes sense.


Woah, this sounds amazing. Thanks so much for sharing this @WyrdAl


Cracking patch. Getting lots of brilliant happy accidents playing with the radio. :slight_smile:


Yep the recording happens after the filters but before reverb and delay.


This patch is fire :fire: :fire: :fire_engine:


I’m only getting playback on the first six keys.
At first I thought there was only six samples preloaded but I seen on my phone there’s many more. Any ideas?


hold a key and turn knob number 1(i think?) to scroll through the samples.


fantastic patch @WyrdAl , really simple to use and so much potential :slight_smile:


Yup that’s what it was!
Completely missed that and was trying to adjust the start/stop time on the second page.
Many thanks! That totally helped make more sense of what the patch does and can do, pretty amazing. Cheers!


The second octave of keys are for adjusting sample parameters without triggering playback of said sample. Very thoughtful and considered aspect of the patch. I will definitely get a lot of mileage out of this one I think. Great patch, one with some more advanced sampling options was needed I feel and you totally killed it here @wyrdal


Agreed, this was a great idea and one I may well nick in the future! :slight_smile:


i tried to get this one going today, to no avail. at first i thought that it was just the sample folder, but after putting it inside the patch folder, in the root of my usb stick, no ability to sample.
i’m sure i’m just doing something wrong, but i even read the read me. any suggestions?


ah! i don’t think the samples go in the patch folder.


Yep as andy said the samples should go at the base of the USB drive, the hierarchy should look like:

  • USB drive
    • Patches\
      • [subfolders / patches / etc]
    • Media\
      • samples\
        • [*.wav files ]

If the folder is correct and you still see issues let me know.


yup i did that all
exactly. bummer!


One thing is you have to navigate to the first page and activate/choose samples by pressing keys and turning the first knob before you can do anything with them on the other pages