Glad you’re enjoying it!
You should be able to change the sample folder by editing the pd files in the ‘soundshare’ folder of the patch. You might just be able to find/replace /tmp/media/samples/ with some other path.
I’ve started making a few updates to this one, I’m going to try and make it so the previous sample is loaded regardless of added samples in the next version.


Sounds great, cheers for the tip man!


I’ve made some changes from some feedback, also adding some new random loop modes. I’ve attached a beta version here if anyone want to try it out: (139.6 KB)

Two new looping modes are:
Randpp: random ping pong, read pointer will reverse direction at a random point in the loop
Randcut: plays random sections of the loop, Env control adjusts envelop at each cut point

Each looped mode also now has a corresponding latch mode, where pressing the key will start the loop, and pressing it again will stop it.
-Samples in latch modes do not respond to the sequencer.
-If notes are latched, the state of the latched notes are periodically written to the fifth screen line

Layering different samples with the random loop modes in latch mode can be quite useful for building soundscapes.

Other improvements/tweaks:
-Previously loaded samples should be loaded on startup regardless of other files changing in samples folder. I’ve confirmed ‘Save new’ works so if you have a set of samples you like you can maintain that as a separate patch.
-Pitch is now displayed in semitones with ‘dead zones’ at each semitone to help accurate tuning

  • Audio files are now loaded asynchronously, so you should have far fewer dropouts when changing audio files
  • Envelope can now have much longer attack/decay

I’m using readsf~ in an upsampled subpatch to load in the audio files, so its possible to increase or decrease how fast the files are read (right now its at 2x audio rate). I’m using the higher speed 16GB USB drive and it seems pretty stable (occasional clicks though but much less disruptive than usinf soundfiler). I’d be interested if anyone is still hearing dropouts when loading new samples.


Wow. Amazing stuff man. I just got home after walking for a while through the city thinking of something I wanted to make with this patch, then I get home and it’s been enhanced! So hyped to try this. Thanks. :grinning:


Beta feedback: For some reason some samples will not play off the bat when the patch is reloaded after saving, the sample slots of some need to be ‘stimulated’ by changing sample on the first page… see if you can replicate this. Might just be me. Still experiencing samples changing when a new one is recorded/added. Also, it would be cool to be able to advance by a single sample in the sample list. Too many samples in my media folder! Im skipping past many sample names when using knob 1. Maybe on the first page aux could move forward one sample? But this would make the patch less playable…

The new loop modes rule however and I find this patch hugely inspiring :smiley:


Thanks for testing it out!
Since the samples are loaded with readsf it might take longer for them to come up, but its also possible that things could go wrong because all the samples will load at the same time on startup. I think I’ll try to change it so the initial loads are done using soundfiler which should finish much faster.
I’ve also ran into it being hard to scroll through sample with too many soundfiles, I’ll see if I can make it so smaller/slower knob movements are less sensitive.


Does this sample in stereo? Im having some issues with all samples only playing back in mono. Seems to be a running theme with any sample patches I have for the Organelle. Am I missing something?

PS, I love this patch. Thank you