Serialosc/monome with Organelle?


i don’t think so, but I would love one @josephbranciforte :wink:


hi @KristofferLislegaard
I’ve been using serialosc from @quilime since the first version and never had any problems with latency. did you install the latest version?


Yes I downloaded it yesterday. It is not much. I wouldn’t notice unless I had compared it to the wooden keys in the same patch. I will have to do some more testing.


not a 100% faithful recreation of mlr, but i’ve got this much working so far.


funny cuz i’m waiting for this so hard with teletype/ansible/er301, and here someone does it on organelle. <3


yeah, i was considering going the 301/ansible route myself… but i’ve come to really value the flexibility of organelle/puredata in specifying grid functionality. very excited about the combination of these two devices…


this looks very nice! :slightly_smiling_face:
if you need beta testers, let me know :wink:


@sno will take you up on that as soon as it’s a little more stable!

playing my first gig with the patch next week, and working to tighten it all up over the next few days.


cool!!! :crazy_face: no rush, have a great gig next week! :wink: