SuperCollider On Organelle


~organelle = Server(“organelle”,NetAddr(“”,57110));
SynthDef(“sine”, {,, 0, 0.2)) }).send(~organelle);
~organelle.sendMsg(“s_new”, “sine”, n = ~organelle.nextNodeID, 0, 1);
~organelle.sendMsg("/n_free", n);
Server.default = ~organelle;
a = Synth(\sine );;

do i run this stuff in my supercollider on the mac or does it go in the ssh window too?

cause i get
-> organelle.local
WARNING: Server organelle.local not running, could not send SynthDef.
-> a SynthDef

maybe i need to restart SC locally, sorry for all the questions i just need to get it working once then i’ll be fine


ok, you don’t need all that stuff :slight_smile:

the easiest way to do this is:
a) start the on the Organelle
… this will give you a booted server, that is all initialised with mother.scd, so you have knobs/display access.

b) on mac start SC, and connect to remote server, and make it your default server (optional, but easier for beginners ;))

s = Server.remote("aServer", NetAddr("organelle", 57110),nil, 1);

now you can start patching…

        arg freq=440,gate=1,cutoff=440;
        var sig,env,amp=0.3;
        sig =;
        env =,gate,doneAction:2);
        sig = sig * env * amp;
        sig =,cutoff.clip(10,24000));,sig!2);

a = Synth(\testSynth);;

of course SC has a very capable client/server architecture, so lots more options are possible, e.g. you dont have to make it the default server, you can register and play things explicitly, useful if you are using multiple servers from one client.

anyway these things are probably best discussed in an SC forum… as frankly im a SC newbie (albeit a technically inclined one ;))

if your creating patches for the Organelle using a remote client, you will have to contend with all the ‘normal’ SC lang vs server differences i.e. which features are SC are client and which are server.
this is too big to go into here, but bare in mind things like osc and midi are client not server,
this is why i use OSC proxy to do organelle patch development on a mac.