Turing Machina - Sequencer


Due to soldering inability i made a conversion of the beloved “Turing Machine” by Music Thing Modular.
It is a so called random shift register midi sequencer.

It is a memory sequencer, based around 8 steps. Each clock pulse moves the sequence one step through the memory. Step 1 is copied to step 2, and so on. While a note is copied to the next it may be transformed along the way. You cannot program this sequencer to play specific tunes. You cannot save sequences. You can never go back to a sequence that has changed. You only can “steer” it in a certain direction.



Looks cool
Love Turig machine!


This is great fun! Love any patch that uses an element of surprise :slight_smile:
Seems to send MIDI on Ch 1 only - can you confirm this @ringhof ? Doesn’t seem to matter what settings i use on organelles system menu. Not a big issue just wanted to check if that was correct.


Not that i know of :slight_smile: what channel did you set in the organelle menu?


3, then 2, then 4, then 1. It only worked on 1!

I was sending midi to another organelle also assigned to the same channel.


:thinking: ill have a closer look…


Yeah, your right, i tested it yesterday with an OP-1. Only Ch1 came through… i hope i have some time over xmas - to release a new version with a settings page.


Version 2 is now available:

Now in Multipage and more control like midi channel select and step selection or randomisation.


Thanks for this @ringhof lots of fun to have :wink:


So good to see, Thanks @keymanpal