Use the Organelle with a batterybank, mini screen and mini keyboard


I am looking to build a small setup for portable patching without a laptop.
Have anyone tried to use the Organelle with one of those mini screens? Would something like this work?

I don’t care about touch so I was thinking running the usb cable into a power bank.

Also I was thinking a small keyboard like this:

And some sort of powerbank with either a usb + a 9v dc or two usb and a voltage converter.

What do you guys think? If I mounted everything in a small case it could be a great portable patching setup for the park, the boat or the train!


Personally I’d sooner just take a laptop around with me and use desktop mother, seems like a lot of wires dangling around for a portable solution. Wouldn’t you have a hard time patching on a screen so small? Any particular reason you want to avoid the laptop?


I would have to try to keep it all tidy.
It’s just a thought experiment for now, but sometimes it can be so creative to get away from the normal computer.


I have a Blackmagic Video Assist 4K. A video monitor for my camera. Maybe that will work too. Will check soon.


The Organelle wants a screen resolution of 1920x1080. Otherwise, you will likely have to edit the XConfig.

I do have one of those little touch screens laying around, but patching PD with one of those seems like a frustrating situation. A mouse may be necessary!

You will also have to power it, so a powered USB hub might be necessary as well, making the portability a bit impacted. Unless you can get a batterypack to powered the whole kit and kaboodle. I have a 8xAA battery pack that I got from Adafruit which works great, but I’m not sure it would be able to power the little screen as well. A powerbank like you mentioned may be the ticket, but it seems like a lot of extra gear when a laptop may solve the solution.

The way I do portable patching is to remote into the Organelle over SSH and patch with my laptop. It’s pretty minimal once you get the WiFI setup.


I’ve used a similar HDMI screen and keyboard and it can be a little frustrating. 1024x600 is pretty small, almost a quarter of the native 1080! I’ve been on the lookout for a small 1080 HDMI monitor, but surprisingly there are not many options…


Maybe the answer is getting a 2. hand macbook air i guess , and use it with the mother ptach.


Hey @KristofferLislegaard could you please explain this? Is it possible to patch with the organelle plugged into a laptop? essentially using the laptop as a screen and keyboard?


your laptop would have to have hdmi in rather than just out, but i don’t think there are any that do - so that’s not possible.
however, when using a laptop you can work using the ‘desktop mother’ patch, which simulates the organelles hardware and functions so you can program on your computer for the organelle without having to be hooked up to the organelle at all.


if you have a wifi usb stick you can do this… but it takes a little setup
a) on a mac/Linux laptop then use can do this using X11…
Ive written a post about this here
its not actually easier, since the latest beta I put out contains the configuration changes needed.
… so basically install that, then follow the instructions about setting the X11 display etc.

b) on a windows based laptop, its also possible using VNC
this requires you to setup vnc on the organelle, we could package this I guess…

both approaches work really well, its how I do the majority of the testing of my organelle patches :slight_smile: