Using/Changing Fonts used in ETC Modes


cool, sounds progressive :wink:

but i really have no clue where to put the new code lines in the of font patterns and font recedes exactly (numbers have to be changed for each font of course).

then it should also be possible to use more fonts in one patch… just an idea… knob 3 set to 0: randoms of all ranges we like of font 1, knob 3 set to 1: all ranges we want from font 2 and so on? all fonts having a relative path like @fanwander’s idea…


T font patterns, already works very similar like this


yes it does. but it’s just limited to randoms out of one range on each knob setting (0-10). i would need randoms out of multiple ranges for each knob-setting and if set to another position the font and then the array of multiple ranges change as well. you know how to combine font patterns and font recedes with owens new code “array of ranges”?


Aaah, ok, understood.
I think you have to do this while initialization.
read all character numbers into a new array by incrementing through all allowed ranges (as described by @oweno). This new array contains all useful character numbers, and now you can do the random read on this array.


thanks i understand that in theory but practically i’ve no clue. a new modification of font patterns or font recedes would be cool to check where the code line(s) should be :wink: