Using MIDI Controller Data?



I know there is etc.midi_notes[]. Is there something similar with controller data like etc.midi_control[] ?
Or do we have only controls 21 to 24 (equivalent to the knob settings)?

@.critterandguitari: would it be possible to implement it?

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not, on etc no… but there is on otc.

etc would need an os upgrade to do it.


The OS (arch Linux)? Or do you mean the etc module (the one that contains the functions like .knob3 - not the effect modules, that we handle)?



no, i mean ‘etc_mother’, so the python code.

when i did it on OTC it was an easy change, but for ETC, it would also require C&G to create an ‘upgrade’ process (i don’t think this has been done before for etc!?)
… again not too difficult, and useful for the future.

(Id port the otc code over, but ive no way of testing it, nor developing the upgrader)


you will only ever get CC 21-24 from the MIDI port on the ETC, all other CC numbers are filtered out in firmware and cannot be changed (at least without taking the case off and using a programming cable)… MIDI over USB could do any CC, but isn’t supported on ETC without updating software.