William Brent's Pd research


I have been a fan of William Brent’s externals on pd for a while, particularly convolve~
I assume there a way to load IRs into a convolution reverb with organelle?
Has anyone attempted these yet, convolve sounds great BTW




“test one, test two” clears throat

So if anyone cares to go with me i am going to try to attempt to make a convolver~ from William’s page as i thin kit might be well suited for a nice benchmark/test and a skill test for me to make an xciting patch and expose 4 knobs to the user and going further

i assume i will have to compile the TimbreID externals? Or can i request that they be included? they are quite stable


I don’t know much about PD but convolves sounds awesome and I wanna play with it


it’s great and you can load it your own IRs