Wishlist / New ideas for patches


Your stuff is phenomenal thank you


Hey i made a Morphagene clone for those of you interested. It’s still embryonic but i am hopeful it will be useful to some folks. Also i just posted a Neural Network Synth for explorations




keep up the good work, amazing stuff you are doing for the community.


I’d love to play with the Morphagene clone!


the Alpha is on the patch storage site
i have it working relatively reliably – set the Alpha/Omega and Blend and hold down 60[wood key 1] and woodkey 65 to sample. It’s more of a microsound electro-acoustic do-hickey as opposed to a traditional DSP sampler so there are a bunch of wacky parameters but i think it will produce some interesting Ectoplasm Girls-esque textures :slight_smile:


I would love a sampler with the following:

  • Usage of 2 samples per octave: C and F#. The rest of the notes are pitched using these sounds.
    This would create a very light full keyboard sampler.

  • Loop ON/OFF switch. When off, control decay of sample with a knob.
    With “Loop ON” using sampled strings or an organ… oh God, imagine a real Farfisa :heart:

  • Reverse audio ON/OFF

  • LFO, filter control, reverb, etc.
    It would be of great help to have a sampler with the first 3 bullets, and some additions would be the cherry in the cake.

Finally, I would like to thank the people in this community who are creating so many amazing patches for this little blue magic box. :relaxed:


I d like to have a shimmer effect like the vst ValhallaShimmer, i don t know if this kind of patches already exists on organelle but i didn t find it. I d love to create it on pd but i m still a beginner…


Nory Sampler Loop patch with the possibility of recording several audios in different banks.
I’m doing this having several copies of the patch with different loops so it would be nice to have just one Nori Sample Loop capable of recording in different banks something that coul be called Nori Sampler Loop Extended?


Valhalla Shimmer is easy peasy.

HMU of you want a special version