Would you recommend this wifi dongle for the Organelle?


The shipping is soooo expensive for the wifi dongle in the c&g store :frowning: so although I would love to support them I think I have to go elsewhere.

Has anyone tried this one? https://www.dustinhome.no/product/5011023772/nano-wifi-80211bgn-usb-20-white?ssel=false&utm_campaign=prisjakt&utm_source=prisjakt.no&utm_medium=pricecompare&utm_content=5637175077

Setting up wifi on the Organelle
USB device for Organelle?

it uses a different chipset to the one supplied by C&G, so we’d have to see if we can determine if its built into the organelles kernel or not. (lots of chipsets are, but some are not)

if you want to be 100% safe, try to find one with the Ralink 5370 chipset, , that we know works fine, and you can get very cheaply in Europe. (just search on amazon etc for ralink 5370)
i picked up one like this for < 10 euro, complete no-name job… so don’t know if its this one or not… but works absolutely fine.

Setting up wifi on the Organelle

Thank you so much for your answer!
Do you think this one will work then? https://www.multicom.no/sandberg-micro-wifi-usb-dongle/cat-p/c/p3756416

Even though it only ways windows os under supported os?


Looks good to me :slight_smile:


Awesome thanks!