Ableton MAX for Live OTC Patches?

So upon my introduction to the OTC, a kid in the room mentioned that you could also incorporate MAX for Live’s video functions into creating patches. Does anyone know how we could go about doing this?

The maximum dream would be to have the ability to manipulate footage with the OTC…
Theoretically, could I manipulate this video…

to be able to control for say the levels of the video, contrast, RBG, ect?
and overlay OTC patches like MTV?

who’s the kid? and did he have a clue what he was talking about… talk is cheap :wink:

of course if your running a laptop/live, you can run the audio from anything into it, and then use M4L to generate visuals… but that has nothing to do with OTC :wink:

video , I hav tried this and got it working (search, and you’ll find a thread about it), but it was too slow to do anything at a reasonable framerate (it was running and about 5-10fps iirc), and that was before doing any serious graphics on top overlaying.

so if you want to do this, your probably going to end up using a video mixer.
but then frankly you might as well generate the both the video and visual on a laptop.

(there are some cheaper options too, e.g. combining OTC and a rPI to gets some more power, but thats going to need some hacking/programming knowledge to get working :wink: )

another option… again though hacking required, i do think that probably the Organelle has enough power to replay videos (just not reprocess them in pygame/otc !), so you could generate the visuals in advance then just replay via Organelle. (have to be very careful with sync)