Absolute beginner to PD

Yo friends! Brand brand new to this, going through the tutorials and such.
I am wondering what is the difference between the Voice and Main console on PD.
I found some confusion when trying to remove something from the Main, and move it to the Voice that sound would cease! Im sure it’s very obvious. But I would appreciate some input!


I think your question applies only to a specific patch so it’s a bit difficult to know exactly what your problem is.
“Main.pd” is the (main) patch that the organelle opens when you select the patch folder with the encoder.
this main patch might contain a [voice] object (or several) inside which at the same time is a “voice.pd” patch contained in the same patch folder as main.
This type of objects are called Abstractions. a sub-patch inside a “main” patch that gets saved independently from main.
that could be part of your problem as abstractions need to be saved apart of the main patch.
It’s not enough with “saving” the main patch after you made changes in the voice patch.
I hope this explanation helps.

Yo! Thank you so much friend!
Realized that it was patch specific pretty shortly after posting the question.

Thanks a bunch!!!

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