m5le-bQnYCcYQRR8EdAR20w copy
is a new patch that was written for TB17 but “should” --should is the largest and most important word in digital media-- work for all users. i think i am getting a boost of performance so i tried this patch

Two filter instruments create “acid” like melody lines
two drums that emulate the style of “UK Garage” type drum patterns, stutters and repetitions and
Two sets of effects that are kind of like weird delays lines

AUX1 resets everything
AUX2 melodies

i have added some fun preset functions to the playing buttons that work nicely if you explore and find interesting combinations so i am withholding explicit instructions and definitions until we see how folks make out i will hint that pressing 60/61 together should give you an interesting drum tweak

Also this patch reacts and is controlled Tempo wise by MIDI
It will slave to an external MIDI clock