AddBass patch: seems to work!

Can someone please confirm this works on other Organelles? I compiled externals for this as they sounded better than using the additive method in help files. They may or may not work for others!

The lyonpotpourri externals from Eric Lyon are a rich resource for future Organelle fun, which hopefully I can share too.

It’s working for me :slight_smile:

Excellent! Will update title then :slight_smile:

Let me know if anything doesn’t make sense or doesn’t work. Should be capable of wide range of bassy sounds. Twiddling harmonics, pulsewidth and effects whilst holding a note is a lot of fun!

The only thing I noticed for now is that the scale is no really correct (12 tones), but I don’t know it that was supposed to be anyway.

I could pretend it was supposed to be like that… but instead I’ve updated it to actually play notes not frequencies!

Really enjoying this one so did a very quick, very low quality video:

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Great job! thank you!

thanks for the patch @Donnerbono !!

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