Adding to a sequence

Is there a way to add to a sequence? For example I’d like to build up a beat in Drummy kind of like how you build a beat on the Volca Beats.

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I posted earlier about maybe enabling the AUX button to have a third mode for overdubbing. I’ve looked into it a bit so far but it’s really new to me. Also very interested in updating so sequencers had overdub.

I’d love this feature too!

I’m not a very good piano player so it’d definitely help make my parts more interesting haha

Hmm, yeah I did try one with using the foot pedal to overdub. Then you need a foot pedal which is annoying. What about using the AUX button as a shift/function button: when held down the 24 keys are used for other functions… just thinking aloud. 24 unnamed function keys, might be hard to remember what they do.


I’d definitely make a print out if that was an option and remember them

I’d actually prefer the foot pedal option, that would be perfect.

Agree with luis on the foot pedal, only downside would be having to buy one to get the extra function but they’re super cheap and i’m used to using my feet with effects stuff! The shift function think would be really cool for some kinda global organelle setting menu shortcutting - like midi options etc

I’d grab a foot pedal if this was available on analog style and drummy for sure.