Aleph's grid apps


so you are building a serialosc installation to run as a daemon on the organelle as @quilime is trying?


no, apps that are related to meadowphysics, white whale, flin, etc…


but they are intended to work with the monome grid and arc right? so you need serialosc on the organelle, or am i missing something?


I think they all need serialosc to talk to grids/arc.
yes they will use serialosc and they will take advantage of the friction, revolutions etc of the ARC kind of like Ansible in a way. but i am designing something fun I am also looking at the Aleph stuff to see what might be fun to translate from those if any


So you ARE getting serialosc working? Are you doing it as a daemon like I’m doing in this thread, or another way? Will everything I’ve been doing become obsolete if you’re doing it anyway?

No problem if it is, but if you’re developing it anyway, then I can just take a break and wait till you finish – unless you’d like to use my install scripts and code. :blush:


Made some update to the Grid Apps for Organelle and a new SerialOSC Installer.


You should be able to run the new installer on your Organelle without uninstalling the previous versions of serialosc.

The installer should now work from any location.

Included is a test patch with the follow Monome Apps in an example Organelle patch (No sound yet, just pretty lights and printing data!)

  • kria
  • meadowphysics
  • step
  • grid
  • whitewhale

Let me know how it fairs. There is a mysterious bug that I noticed if editing patches on the Organelle Desktop, occasionally after a while the grid will go dark and you have to restart the patch.


that is great @quilime :smiley:

just download and made a quick test, here is my feedback so far.

run the installer from my monome folder on my sd card with no problems :wink:
for older patches to work properly i had to replace the old serialosc.pd patch with new patch inside install folder.
relative to grid apps, i am creating some exemple patchs with sounds. on these patches i had to replace the grid (meadowphysics or kria) externals and also placed the serialosc.pd patch inside the folder. without the serialosc.pd patch inside, the patch would freeze and stop working. you also have the serialosc.pd patch inside “grid basic poly” so i try that way and all is working great.
i did not yet experience the “mysterious bug”. but as i said this was a quick test :slight_smile:

so excited about this! :grin: i’ll keep testing later on. once again, thank you so much @quilime :clap::raised_hands::pray:



Yes still trying to suss out that freeze bug. It’s very inconsistent for me. These new apps technically shouldn’t need to use the [serialosc] patch as now it’s running as a daemon.

However, the [serialosc] object is used for sending direct OSC commands to the Monome Grid and that still is useful. As I have it now, when [serialosc] runs in pd, it force kills all the instances of serialosc running on the system and starts a new one, which is a bit heavy handed. I didn’t want multiple instances of serialosc to start piling up in the background when you load up other Organelle patches. :thinking:

The way I intend to fix this is to have the [serialosc] patch somehow test if the serialosc daemon is running and query its port for sending OSC directly.


ok, now i can understand the use of [serialosc] patch :slight_smile:

new updates regarding the grid apps and mysterious bug without editing patches on the organelle desktop, normal use only :grimacing:

_first test:
start organelle
load a patch with grid apps
in a few moments… mysterious bug
re-open the same patch. mysterious bug again.
open a diferente patch with grid apps, mysterious bug is back!

_second test:
start organelle
load a monome patch with [serialosc] patch, no grid apps.
load a patch with grid apps… everything is great! no mysterious bug :thinking:

it seams that if i open a monome patch with [serialosc] first (i don’t even have to play it) then open a patch with grid apps, mysterious bug never comes up. i have not tested this editing patches on the organelle desktop.
hope this test somehow helps you with the mysterious bug!


This is great feedback, thank you. This makes me think the daemon isn’t launching properly. When you launch serialosc for the first time, serialosc is launched – even if you close the patch, it sounds like it’s running in the background. Looking into this :mag_right:


Ok cool – the daemon was indeed timing out, and now it seems to be working after debugging it with systemctl. If anyone is well versed on systemd in arch, pls chime in, but I’m doing the most basic thing by creating a service that runs at boot at /etc/systemd/system/serialosc.service. I’ve set its permissions to -rw-r--r-- (664), and the contents are:

Description=SerialOSC Daemon



You’ll have to re-run the SerialOSC-Installer patch again, and I’ve also updated the example patches.

I’ve been testing it by booting the Organelle in normal (headless) mode and opening a grid app (like step) and letting it run for a while. So far so good :crossed_fingers:

Download it on the master branch here:


cool, i’m glad my feedback is helping! :slight_smile:

my previous tests also consisted on booting the organelle in normal mode, opening a grid app and letting it run for a while. i’ll go and try this one and report back.



hey @quilime, i think you did it! :smiley:

i re-run the SerialOSC-Installer patch, restart the organelle and open a grid app. left it playing all night and it’s still going :smiley: all old monome patches work and no more mysterious bug. all running smooth :v:

great work! :clap::raised_hands::pray:


Cool, it’s been working for me too. Was working on some ideas with the [step] object into the night. It’s so nice not to have to program a sequencer again – and step gives you 2x tracks, too!

I may split out all the Grid apps into their own example patches to make it easy to create a new starting point, but for now they’re all lumped into that one example patch. Also need to integrate Ableton Link of course. :slight_smile:

I’ve added a new utility patch on patchstorage:


nice, those are some cool new futures. sadly i don’t use ableton that much.
i’m mostly using [kria] and [meadowphysics] so i can work on some exemples for the organelle. i have not yet tested [step] nor [whitewhale]

you and @rick_monster did a great job porting this apps to pd and the organelle. :pray::raised_hands::clap:
and thank you @quilime for a simple SerialOSC-Installer patch :smiley:


when loading patches onto the organelle, should i place the folder (exactly as downloaded) into the main root? or should i place the entire thing into the patches folder like i normally do? orrrrrrr do i take the folders inside and place them in the patches folder? thanks a lot!


hi @Velcro!

you should download folder from @quilime patchstorage and place into the patches folder like you normally do. if you have a recent organelle os, like 3.0 you can use patch sub folders.

Serialosc/monome with Organelle?

thanks! also, how do you sequence external gear when the monome utilizes a USB, and the flash drive utilizes the other???


USB hub! :smiley:


but of course!!! lol