Algo Break



what is it? a surprise’ should I dropped into the organelle?

It’s a patch that you can place in your /Patches folder it is an Algorithmic BreakBeat machine with drum samples, a reverb, a filter and an ambient noise creator

Thanks a lot for another gift!!!

whats the trick to initiating sound? i’m stumped so far. I got it to say “activated” but nothing happens…

Hi i was just compiling some user notes, last night i was blown when i finished it.

Aux1 turns on the system, i am trying to make this more of a constant
Aux2 loads a New drum sample, you can load as many as you like into the “drum” folder in the patch to use your own samples
Aux3, 4, 5 change Algorithmics related to the sampler

60 randomizes the Shuffler
61 activates/de-activates the Ambient shuffler

the rest should be clear from menus/

I’m suspicious that either this patch or Drumbo was causing two different Organelles OS to crash.
My Organelle froze up for the first time after trying to run Algo Break. Then after that the Organelle was shutting down/restarting randomly during use. I received my other Organelle back in the mail a couple days ago fresh from a dodgy key repair, and used the same USB stick that had Algo Break on it, and that Organelle crashed.
After removing Algo Break and Drumbo I have not been able to get either machine to crash again.
Anyone else have this issue??

i use it on two completely different organelle’s and i’ve not experienced this at all. I guess anything is possible but neither patch is terribly taxing processor wise. Are you talking about it crashing with other programs or when you are running those patches? I ran them both for several days whilst making them and they never crashed. Is your USB stick full? Have you re-formatted it recently if it is?

Delete algo break and drumbo from your USB stick and your computer - redownload and tranfer them to your usb stick again. Could just be a bad unzip, download or transfer. Patches with more files (1000s of external related stuff) in them are naturally gonna be more prone to this. That’s my guess anyway. I haven’t had any issues with crashing on the patches you mention.

The crashes happened with other random patches, there didn’t seem to be any consistency. I just thought about what had changed on the USB stick since it started happening, and the only thing that was now different was that I added Algo Break and Drumbo. I am going to re-download and unzip both those and see if it happens again. I would love to get to the bottom of it. I probably won’t be able to do it until saturday morning though, but i’ll report back asap, thanks guys

If it’s happening in other patches then probably the process of copying was in some way interrupted or some other process was interrupted or went wrong in some way while you last ran those patches… It’s a bummer but this is something that happens sometimes. Best thing is to wipe the usb stick.
The solution for most people going forward seems to be:

  • Keep an up to date repository of patches you keep on your USB backed up on your computer.
  • Get a fast and reliable USB stick and additionally
  • Use WIFI to transfer files or even… store them on the SD card. I wanna get into this position.

There’s no way on gods grey earth other patches crashing has anything to do with them :wink: . What can effect your running of other patches would as we shared you have filled up your usb stick and the program is writing reading from the stick. I switched to a larger USB stick(s) and that k stopped but most folks dust the stick [re-format [choose full not quick if you are on Windows] and then put back stuff you want slowly.

I wish i could control other patches simply from my install then i’d be sending all sort of kooky messages to the LED screens while you ran patches lol

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googles antivirus for organelle

Ok, yeah I’ve got a shite ton of patches on the Organelle USB stick that came with it. I’m gonna got for a dusting of the stick, and probably pick up a little bit bigger one.
I’m running OS X by the way… thanks u guys

So I re-formatted the USB stick that i’ve been using (stock one that came with Organelle), and re-copied all my patches onto it, and have been running successfully for 4 hours with no power downs.
Something funky was definitely going on…
thanks for you input guys!!!