Almond~ Vanilla Organ for Organelle~

Here is a vanilla hammond organ clone with percussive and organ harmonics

examples of non external based organelle patches


fantastic sound!

Sounds (much better than this iPhone recording.)
ADSR works but the rest of the pages do not appear to change anything except produce some loud static/pops.

Sorry typed that before discovering that I can’t upload iPhone video :joy:

Yeah, lots of static/popping on parameter changes (can’t tell what they do, maybe some subtle harmonic variation?). There are to pages labelled harmonics with identical parameters.

Core sound is really nice!

one page is organ harmonics and the other is percussive harmonics

I’m afraid that almond~ though vanilla it’s harmonics and the way it is built is just a little too much for the organelle to handle :frowning:

No apologies necessary sir, patch is still very usable as it is. Keep on …er…patching?:slightly_smiling_face:

Just tried this one last night great sounding organ very impressive