Anyone using a Queneo w Organelle?

I found a cheap one and am trying to decide what to do with it. Using it just to control ableton seems kind of boring. Could be more interesting as some kind of instrument.

I have had a QuNeo for a long time. Haven’t had the chance to play with it on Organelle, but I have no doubt it could be a very powerful setup.

Last thing I was building was a multi-looper system with a switch between expressive synth voice and expressive drum player.

Each pad sends note, velocity, pressure, x axis, and y axis.

I have the Qunexus and using it with Orac to send CC with midi learn opens up lots of possibilities. I imagine the Quneo can do similar - definitely interested to hear how you end up using it :slight_smile:

I have been using the QuNeo as a controller for the Organelle to play my improvisation instrument. Each pad sends note, velocity, pressure, X and Y values to a sample player on the Organelle. I use the QuNeo buttons and rotaries to control other stuff.

I have been using the QuNeo since it came out in 2012. I think its strongest area, or even perhaps the only strong area, are the pads. The other control components are very inefficient to use… I do not like the way they respond. Especially the faders are terrible for my style of playing. The pads are another story though. I love them and they have changed the way I improvise with electronics. My QuNeo is getting older now, and I plan to purchase another one for backup.

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Are you able to connect directly to the organelle or via a computer in the middle.

Did you just write your own queneo button map with their editor?


It’s class compliant. You can use it directly with the organelle. I use the first factory preset that came with the quneo with a few small tweaks to adapt to my instruments. You don’t need to change anything on the quneo for using it with the organelle.

About a year ago, I bought a second hand Faderfox controller that has only 5-pin MIDI. In order to be able to use both controllers on the organelle, I use the midi expansion for the quneo. It is a small USB MIDI host that is only for KMI controllers. I connect the quneo to it. Connect the expansion to the faderfox’s MIDI in and Faderfox merges that with its own MIDI messages, and send everything to the organelle over a Midi Interface, which used to be a cheap miditech. Now I use an iconnectivity Mio Interface.

I made an abstraction that maps each quneo control element to a symbol on PD. That makes it easier for me to map quneo elements to pure data objects. I can share this abstraction gladly, but you’d have to adapt it to your own midi cc configuration on the quneo.

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