I am asking for folks to join in alpha development for a new patch that i have found needs to be created to emulate certain fancy resynthesis stomp boxes/pedals. Last year, i compiled objects created by Christopher Penrose and Eric Lyon in the late 1990s early 2000’s initially called PVNation, then FFTease. a set of incredibly interesting objects that stemmed from Cmusic & F Richard Moore’s work. I spent over a year in graduate school building them, learning Perl & python to script them and finally using them in interactive live performance/diffusion for the FEMS [Florida Electro-acoustic Music Studio] and my work 8 channel work using a short phrase by Marcel Duchamp predicting the birth of the internet. “Dictionary For Films, Taken Closeup” was presented and mixed by Allen Strange @ DXARTs after our meeting at the South East Just Intonation Center in 1999. We hit it off and because of our mutual love for tuning, particularly Just Intonation we became close and i was blessed to call this icon of electronic music my friend and jokingly “Dr. Strange”

So with that as my motivation over the years i return to this research as a labor of love and spend a great deal of research hours tweaking, learning new things and applying harmonic principals not only in music but design in general and abstract that to my entire life.

Anyway, i have compiled the FFtease objects [version 3] again with hopes of getting Pvtuner~ to not crash pd or lock up the organelle completely. I think this is my first successful attempt and i would like feedback, but i ask as usual
for you to be specific and not consider this as a product but as a research initiative we are all interested in because it’s implications could be nicer tunings, more interesting textures and sonorities and new musical landscapes.

So i offer “PVTUNER” a very simple patch.

It takes in a LIVE sound it needs this sound to generate the FFT
AUX turns off/on the interpolation of scale [off 0 =no interpolation on 1 = interpolation]
knob1 tweaks the amount of the interpolation
knob 2 tweaks the amount of the base frequency and i’ll warn you it should be SET then left alone if you treat it like a parameter to peg hard it will lock up the organelle future versions may have specific basefreq settings to avoid this
Volume is self evident

Buttons will change to tunings and scale degrees so you can hear them interpolate and observe

let me know what you think


FFTease3.0 was compiled with special considerations for ATOM processor
if @oweno or @thetechnobear know of any other flags to use i would be grateful


So i decided to push it anyways. Fast LFO’s on both parameters and notes fired to the preset keys. CPU at 50%
It only seemed to struggle with the Base Freq parameter when it was below around 18.0 and Interpolation was disabled.

I am interested in the chord tunings - could be really cool. I understand this is not the final form, what is the intended use for this patch? Where do you want to use it? What is it capable of?

Tuning incoming streams on the fly instant quantifying without a fiddle~
chord inversions really anything based on a tuning system it immediately applies it to the incoming stream, that’s pretty fun for me

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How many voices could one squeeze from this external on an organelle do you think @shreeswifty ? Could this be the thing to use to create the vocoder/chromatic keyboard harmonizer thingy?

it will not do more than one

I’m a slightly confused. Is this an updated patch of FFTease? Or is it a whole different monster?

it’s an explicit test of the speed of pvtuner~ i recompiled it to not crash immediately when you tried to run it. I think it was another one of those it runs if pd is open but starting it would crash organelle so a recompile got it working but more than 1 vocing of it is probably not going to happen.

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